About MainStreetGIS

MainStreetGIS, LLC has been an innovative provider of GIS products and services since the turn of the millennium. Our clientele include emergency services, municipalities, county offices, state government agencies, forestry and fire protection, utility companies, and private firms including Fortune-100 companies.

Based in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, MainStreetGIS specializes in providing GIS consulting services and custom GIS software to over 130 clients across the United States, Canada, and 12 countries abroad. Through a smarter approach to GIS, we have succeeded in maintaining an extremely competitive pricing structure.

MainStreetGIS has streamlined the GIS needs of town, city, and county governments with a turnkey approach that tackles the key components of a successful municipal GIS.

MainStreetGIS continues to provide custom plug-ins and extensions for use with ArcView and ArcGIS. Many of these tools can be found on our website where downloads total over 50,000 to date.

To arrange an on-site or online demonstration of our software products or for more information, please donít hesitate to call. We appreciate your time and consideration.