Desktop GIS

Our Desktop GIS viewer comes ready-made with essential search, query, and reporting features so that no custom development is required. And, it's so easy to use that you'll save on training costs.


Our Desktop GIS application for municipalities is a great way to distribute GIS maps and data to everyone in your organization. Designed with the non-GIS professional in mind, it is easy to use and allows users to create their own maps and add their own GIS layers. While it is ESRI®-compatible, our Desktop GIS is completely stand-alone and requires no additional licensing. It's perfect for municipalities, county governments, utility companies, fire departments, public works, and more.

Easy to Use

Our Desktop GIS application is intuitive and so easy to use that it requires almost no training. The main application window shows search lists where the user can choose an item for easy navigation. Search, query, and reporting tools are just a mouse click away!

"Now I can do an abutters list in a minute and a half with one button"
- Town Planner, Warren, Rhode Island

Abutters Notification Lists

Our municipal clients love our abutters notification tool that generates a list of properties within a specified distance of the selected property. Once the properties within the buffer zone are selected, a set of mailing labels for each property owner is displayed.

Reports and Mailing Labels

Users can produce mailing labels and other report documents from the selected set of GIS features. Form letters, envelopes, post cards, and more can be generated with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Link to Documents

Links can be set up to any document on your network. The link can be built using fields in your GIS attribute tables so that only documents that are relevant to the selected GIS feature are shown.

Image Viewer

A built-in Image Viewer allows users to view linked images without leaving the application. And if a large format survey is selected, for example, users may crop the image and send just the cropped portion to a standard 8.5" x 11" printer rather than using the old method of folding a map and placing it in a copier.

Connect to Databases

Connections can be made from our Desktop GIS to other databases on your network. The database queries can be built from attributes from the selected GIS feature, so only information relevant to the selected feature is returned.

Query Tool

A built-in query tool allows users to select GIS features by searching GIS attribute tables. Once a query has been run, users can export the query results to a new data table or even a new shapefile.

Kiosk Mode

Our Desktop GIS application is also designed for use as a public GIS kiosk. A public computer, dedicated to GIS, allows any visitor to town hall the ability to browse GIS data, print their own maps, and generate their own abutters notification lists.

“We are pleased with the application and appreciative of the attentive customization MainStreetGIS has provided us.”
  - Mapping Technician, Santa Barbara, California