ArcGISTM Plug-ins - MainStreetIndexer


is a plug-in for use with ArcGISTM that lists values from features in two layers if the features satisfy a spatial relationship. It's great for building an index of street names and their coordinate location or page number. Output can be sent to a Text File, Delimited Table, a Field in a Layer, or a Text Element in the Page Layout.

Download Evaluation Buy Now In this example, a Street Index is easily created to provide a cover sheet to a typical mapbook. When the tool is run, all street features that are found to be intersecting a feature in the grid layer are marked with a value from that grid feature. The output is a series of street names and grid coordinates, providing a simple reference to help find a given street in a mapbook or large wall map.

"You are fast. ...loving the MainStreetGIS service!!!"
  - IT Director, West Springfield, Massachusetts