ArcGISTM Plug-ins - MainStreetMapbooks


is a plug-in for use with ArcGISTM that helps you easily create a map book or map series from any ArcMapTM project. It walks you through the creation of a grid layer and automates the exporting and printing of each mapbook page.

Download Evaluation Buy Now What is a map book? A map book is a book of map pages where each page corresponds to a specific area of a much larger map. Typically, the large map area is broken down using a grid of rectangles, where each rectangle corresponds to one page in a map book. The map book, with information covering large areas, can be easily taken into the field or provide a convenient reference for use in the office.

With MainStreetMapbooks, you can either create your own grid layer or you can choose any layer in your project to define the pages in your map series. For example, if you have a polygon layer of building footprints, you can choose to automatically generate a map book using each building in the building footprints layer.

Once you've created a grid or have chosen a layer to define your map pages, you can add additional elements to your map layout such as an overview map or an index map. You can also define a dynamic map label or map title. Once your map book is set up you can send the entire map series to your printer or you can choose to export each page to a number of common image formats.

"You are fast. ...loving the MainStreetGIS service!!!"
  - IT Director, West Springfield, Massachusetts