An internet-based GIS is a great way to provide 24/7 information access to anyone with an internet connection. Our hosted Web GIS service is perfect for municipalities, county governments, utility companies, fire departments, public works, and more. By choosing our hosted Web GIS solution, you'll save time and money and can be online in just a few days.


Publishing your GIS data to the internet via a Web GIS portal is the best way to distribute essential information to both your co-workers and the general public. You'll be amazed at how effective a Web GIS site can be. With 24/7 access to your GIS, you'll reduce the number of calls and visits to your office and vital information is available around the clock.

"MainStreetGIS does an incredible job of serving high-resolution images over the Internet."
- Planning Director, City and Borough of Sitka, Alaska

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Just a quick upload of your GIS data is all it takes and then we'll take it from there. We'll provide a draft version within a few days for you to review. Then, once you've given us the "OK", we'll publish a final version your new Web GIS site.

Online Permitting / Documents and Forms

Our online Permitting Application integrates with our Web GIS so that users can submit documents and forms for a selected property. Town employees can build their own forms with ease and then the public or other employees can fill them out and submit them online. Once a document or form has been submitted it goes into a workflow for employees to comment on, assign a status, or pass over to another department for review.

Online Property Information

If you are a town, city, or county government, you'll benefit from our online Property Record Card or "Field Card" that shows detailed property information. Many of our municipal clients enjoy having Web GIS and Online Property Information in one combined application. If you are currently paying for hosted online property information without GIS, consider consolidating to a more powerful application.

Property Search

If your Web GIS is used for looking up property information, you'll enjoy our standard search tools to search for properties by Address, Owner, or Property ID. Additional searches may also be installed for quick access to any GIS feature.

Abutters Notification Lists

Our municipal clients love our abutters notification tool that generates a list of properties within a specified distance of the selected property. Once the properties within the buffer zone are selected, a list of mailing addresses for each property owner is displayed.

Online Tax Maps, Zoning Maps, and other PDF Maps

If you are a municipal customer you will benefit from our online tax maps where we provide links to each of your official tax and zoning maps in PDF format. If you are not a municipality or county government, we would be happy to also host any other static PDF maps that you may have. Combining interactive GIS mapping with official static PDF maps is a great way to keep everything in one place.

Building Photos and Sketches

Building photos and sketches will be shown for our municipal clients whenever possible. We are also happy to link to other types of documents and image files that you may have.

"This is a great resource that makes it possible to avoid having to make a special trip to town hall."
  - Resident, Mansfield, Connecticut