Municipal Land Area Served: 17,688 sq mi

Web GIS Population Served: 570,309

GIS Tax Parcels Managed: 239,199

Web GIS is easy at MainStreetMaps


Your new Web GIS site hosted at our MainStreetMaps portal can be online in days.  Our town, city, and county public facing sites offer a "GIS site license" for residents, while each department may have its own password-protected private GIS site just for town employees.

"The greatest thing since sliced bread" - Resident, Scituate, RI

Example Web GIS site by MainStreetGIfor City of Warwick, Rhode Island

Web GIS Features:

  • Public and Private Web GIS sites

  • Online property record cards / field cards

  • Abutters mailing lists

  • State and Federal GIS layers

  • Google base maps, aerial, and satellite imagery

  • Google Street View™ and Bing Bird's Eye

  • Embedded Pictometry® by EagleView®

  • Query, selection, and markup tools

  • Large format map printing

  • Link to documents, forms, work orders, and other vendors' sites

  • Integrates with the free QuantumGIS (QGIS) desktop app for power users!

Desktop GIS is free?

Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a FREE and open source Desktop GIS application.

A complete Municipal GIS plan:

Town, city, and county governments enjoy both increased efficiency and cost savings by consolidating services with our GIS plan for municipalities.  GIS data layers, tax maps, and zoning maps are updated regularly and then published for public access through our Web GIS interface which includes online property cards, abutters lists, aerial imagery, satellite imagery, and more.

"Thanks again!  You guys are amazing and working with you has been so great.  Your expertise and work is so appreciated." - Assessor, Putnam, CT

Web GIS at MainStreetMaps, by MainStreetGIS
Dynamic Online Property Cards by MainStreetGIS, updated daily.
GIS Parcel Updates and Tax Maps by MainStreetGIS
GIS Zoning Upates and Official Zoning Maps by MainStreetGIS

Your GIS Menu, à la carte.

MainStreetGIS, LLC specializes in Town, City, and County GIS services.  We will have your GIS up and running in record time with data development, digitizing, map books, large format maps, and Web GIS hosting.

“We probably won’t have a designated city employee GIS person for a long time now, but fortunately we have you!” – Assessor, City of Ellsworth, ME

Tax Assessor

GIS Tax Map Conversion

Online Property Cards

PDF Property Cards

Abutters Mailing Lists

Neighborhood Maps

Sales Maps

Parcel Document Links

Tax Map Scanning
Mylar Scanning

Dimensions Conversion
Meets & Bounds

Spatial Alignment​

Public Works

Web GIS for DPW
Digitize Planimetrics

Pavement Management
Road Conditions
Sewer Service Card Links
Contract Plan Links

As-Built Plan Links
Work Orders

Field Data Collection

Asset Management

Planning / Zoning

GIS Zoning Layer Updates

PDF Zoning Maps
Printed Zoning Maps
Comprehensive Plans
Zoning Overlay Districts

Historic Districts

FEMA Flood Zones

Sewer / Water

Web GIS for Sewer Dept
Web GIS for Water Dept
Drainage / Storm Water

Asset Management
Pipe Conditions
Work Orders

Contract Plan Links

As-Built Links

Sewer Service Card Links
Map Book Production

Fire / EMS / EMA

Web GIS for Fire Dept
Online Pre-Plan Form
Homeland Security Maps

Emergency Management

E911 Street Maps
E911 Address Maps

Mutual Aid Zones
Shortest Routes
Nearest Water Source
Digitize Hydrant Layers
Digitize Landing Zones
Printed Map Books

Maps are fun.  GI-Yes!

We love working on interesting mapping projects.  Please let us know what you have in mind!


Printed or interactive kiosk maps with information about the local area, such as walking times and historic sites.

GIS kiosk map by MainStreetGIS for Bristol, Rhode Island showing walking times to historic sites


Brochure or billboard maps showing vendors and services for your music festival or other fun event.

A music festival map by MainStreetGIS for the Jazz and Roots Music Festival in Springfield, Massachusetts


Scanned and georeferenced historical maps as a base layer in your Web GIS, PDF map, or printed maps.

Historic parcel map from 1921 by MainStreetGIS for the Town of Jamestown, Rhode Island


We are on call for any GIS consulting needs.  We also function as an outsourced GIS Coordinator or GIS Manager for your community.

MainStreetGIS functions as an outsourced GIS Coordinator or GIS Manager for your community.


GIS education at your location or via group web meeting will have your team up to speed with ArcGIS™ and QGIS in no time!

MainStreetGIS provides GIS Training for ArcGIS and QuantumGIS

3, 2, 1, Contact.

We look forward to your mapping ideas, questions, and support requests!

Thank you for your message! We look forward to working with you and will be in touch within 24 hours.

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