MainStreetGIS specializes in providing GIS consulting services and custom GIS software to over 130 clients across the United States, Canada, and 12 countries abroad.  Through a smarter approach to GIS, we have succeeded in maintaining an extremely competitive pricing structure.  An assortment of the towns we provide GIS services for are highlighted below. 

“Thanks again! You guys are amazing and working with you has been so great, your expertise and work is so appreciated.” - Assessor, Putnam, Connecticut

Located about 25 miles east of Hartford and including Storrs, home of the University of Connecticut’s main campus, Mansfield is a rural town with a population of about 26,000. The town has been pursuing smart growth policies to limit harmful effects of development and has many protected open space parcels, which are shown in the “Protected Open Space”, “Aquifer Protection Area”, and “DEP Property” layers. In addition to a Zoning layer, there are layers for trails, Historic Districts, and Village Districts.

Town of Mansfield, Connecticut

Located on the shore of Narragansett Bay 12 miles south of Providence, Warwick is the second largest city in the state with a population of nearly 83,000. About 29% of the surface of Warwick is water, and during the Industrial Revolution it had many textile mills that drew power from the Pawtuxet River. The city’s web GIS site has a “Flood Zone” layer with 5 categories and property cards that include a photo and floor plan of property buildings. At 40,000 parcels it is our largest parcel conversion on a tax map.

City of Warwick, Rhode Island

Located on the coast of Maine near Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, Ellsworth has a present-day population of almost 8,000. The city area is 16% water and includes Branch Lake, used for drinking water and one of the best swimming lakes in Maine. The town’s web GIS site has a "Flood Zone" layer and a “Public Facilities” layer that includes schools, hospitals, court houses, and other buildings. Its "Zoning" layer includes categories such as protection for drinking water, resources, and streams, in addition to a wetlands zone.

City of Ellsworth, Maine

Town of Barrington, Rhode Island

Located 7 miles southeast of Providence on Narragansett Bay and with a present-day population of roughly 16,000, Barrington was a center for brickmaking in the 19th century. The right-of-way of the railroad from Bristol to Providence, which passes through Barrington and was converted to a bike path in the 1980’s is shown in a "Bike Path" layer on the town’s web GIS site. The "Zoning" layer has 16 categories with 2 open space classes for recreation, and other categories for conservation and wildlife refuge.

City and Borough of Sitka, Alaska

Located on the southeast coast of Alaska just southwest of Juneau, Sitka has a present-day population of nearly 9,000, including the city and borough. At 4,811 square miles, it is the largest incorporated city in the U.S. by area, with about 40% of its surface being water. Sitka encompasses three national wilderness areas – a refuge, forest, and park - but the web GIS site only maps the developed part of the city. Layers include “Zoning” (with 20 categories), “Flood Zone”, “National Flood Hazard”, and several static maps.

Town of Rockingham, Vermont

Located in southeastern Vermont on the banks of the Connecticut River, Rockingham is predominantly rural and forested with a present-day population of approximately 5,000. Rockingham recently added "Zoning" (with 16 categories), "Natural Resources", "Downtown District", "Village Center", and
"Downtown Development Review" layers to their site. Most of these layers were already accessible as static maps, but adding them as layers allows users to zoom in and see the zoning or other district for a particular parcel.