General GIS Consulting

General GIS Consulting can be employed to perform many different tasks for your agency or company. GIS consulting specializes in skills such as the organization, cleaning, analysis, and illustration of geographical data. These skills can then be put to use in a variety of ways. For example, thematic maps, grant writing, utility, transportation, environmental, and infrastructure management, urban and regional planning, geodatabase design and development, 3D topographic and flood analysis, impact studies, and reference map design.

GIS consulting services can be enjoyed by a broad spectrum of clients, including city, county, or state governments agencies, non-profit organizations, utility companies, and small businesses unable to hire a permanent GIS Specialist, yet still work with geographical data.


At MainStreetGIS, our GIS consulting services begin with gathering and organizing your geospatial data. From there, we analyze these data and transform them into various advantageous formats, including geodatabases, maps, and figures. Whatever your needs are, we are more than happy to meet them and provide maintenance and support along the way.