GIS Training

There are many ways to learn GIS. However, many individuals do not have the time or resources to take in-person classes through an educational institute, or do not effectively benefit from learning GIS via online tutorials that lack teacher-student interaction. 

At MainStreetGIS, we provide hands-on GIS Training that is personally catered to what you or your company needs. Training can take place in-person or through a live webinar, over a length of time most convenient for you. Anyone with an interest in becoming familiar with GIS can benefit from this training, including employees of municipalities and businesses, or an individual with a desire to become proficient in this powerful tool. 

Our GIS training can cover a range of topics catered to your needs. We can instruct you on the principles of GIS, cartography, data collection, and database management, or help you solve geographic problems specific to your location or field of study through spatial analysis.  We specialize in Esri products, but are also proficient in other GIS software, such as Autodesk, ENVI, GeoServer, PostGIS, and QGIS.