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Tax maps are documents showing the location, dimensions, and other important information pertaining to a parcel of land that is subject to property taxes.


Generally, tax maps are housed in municipality establishments and are used by employees such as tax assessors and building inspectors as well as city/town residents. For this reason, our tax maps are ideal for municipalities, local tax offices, and local courthouses.

At MainStreetGIS, it all starts with tax mapping. According to Jamestown, Rhode Island,  we have the "best looking maps in the state". In addition to publishing your municipalities' tax maps, we will update your GIS parcel database and provide new tax maps at the interval that you choose. After each update, we will publish the new data to your Web GIS site and Desktop GIS applications, thus ensuring all products are kept in sync.

Web GIS is an internet-based GIS that is a great way to provide 24/7 information access to anyone with an internet connection. Publishing your GIS data to the internet via our Web GIS portal is the best way to distribute essential information to both your co-workers and the general public. With 24/7 access to your GIS, you will reduce the number of calls and visits to your office, and vital information will be available around the clock.


Our hosted Web GIS service is perfect for: municipalities, county governments, utility companies, fire departments, public works, and more.


By choosing our hosted Web GIS solution, you'll save time and money and can be online in just a few days.